Why Businesses Can Benefit from Energy-Efficient Roofing

For most businesses, success depends on the almighty dollar. Many business owners focus heavily on the most effective way to keep overhead costs to a minimum to turn an even greater profit each quarter. A commercial facility may be drawn to an eco-friendly roof for one simple reason: to save money on energy. While green… read more

How Can You Make Your Roof Eco-Friendly?

As we just touched upon, installing an energy-efficient upgrade like solar panels is one smart way to make your roof more eco-friendly. Focusing on the sustainability of your roofing structure in both energy efficiency and material choice is an effective way to benefit the environment and your wallet at the same time. As you consider… read more

Should You Install a Tube Skylight?

A skylight is simply a fancy term for a window installed directly in a roof. As a homeowner or business owner, a skylight can improve the aesthetic appeal of a property by providing a pleasant source of natural light, as well as a glimpse of the stars in the evening hours. Even though a skylight… read more

Should You Mount Solar Panels?

Most home and business owners consider installing solar panels on their roof for the sole purpose of cutting down on heating and cooling costs. Solar energy on a residential or commercial property has a number of payoffs that include: Benefit the environment. Solar roof panels will produce energy without using fossil fuel or generating pollution…. read more

Roofing Upgrades – Take It to the Next Level

After you’ve learned what it takes to protect your roof from outside damage and keep it in the best working condition year after year, you may be itching to do something to make your property stand out. Upgrading your roof is one surefire way to give your home in an instant facelift. Roof upgrades are… read more

Will Your Insurance Cover Roof Repair?

Finding out the answer to this question post haste could save you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses for roof repair. The best way to determine if roof repair and installation is covered in your homeowner’s or business insurance policy is to contact your insurance provider directly. Many property insurance policies will offer coverage depending… read more

How to Assess Roof Fatigue

Roof fatigue is none other than wear and tear caused by number of outside factors, like changes in seasons, winter storms, high winds, and even animal infestations. Checking for roof fatigue is part of the basic evaluation process. You can assess areas of wear and tear on your roof with 5 helpful criteria: Your roof has… read more

How to Assess Weather Damage

If your area has experienced a recent storm that was big enough to knock down trees and power lines, it may be time to climb up on your roof to evaluate the damage. It’s also worthwhile to evaluate your roof after a heavy season of rain or snow to catch weather damage early on. As soon… read more

How to Assess Water Damage

Would you be surprised to find that water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the US? As a result, water damage claims make up $11 million in annual property damages. The average cost of a water damage claim tallies in at a whopping $5000. Once a leak has been detected in… read more