We specialize in custom copper designs and copper works. Our craftsmen are trained by the prestigious Copper Development Program in Denver, Colorado.

Advantages of Copper Roofs

Copper offers a character and durability that no other metal can match. Its appearance can complement any style of building. Its warmth and beauty make it the preferred material for architects and home owners. The use of copper is based upon traditional practices proven over many years. Copper’s resistance to the elements ranks among the highest of all metals.

When properly designed and installed, a copper roof provides an economical, long-term roofing solution. Unlike many other metal roofing materials, copper requires no painting or finishing.

Copper Design

Copper is well-known for its ease of fabrication. Copper is capable of being shaped to the required form and dimensions. Soldering, brazing and welding are the most widely used processes for bonding copper metals.

Weathering and Patination

The oxidation process that gives copper its characteristic green patina is a result of exposure to an acidic atmosphere. The process is, therefore, faster in the metropolitan and industrial areas, where higher concentrations of pollutants exist. When acidic moisture comes in contact with exposed copper surfaces, it reacts with the copper to form copper sulfate. The acid is neutralized during the reaction with copper. The patina eventually covers the surface and adheres tightly to it, thus providing a protective layer against further weathering.

Copper is classic. Today’s technology for working with copper is better than ever before. Copper’s future is as bright as its past.

Copper Roof Maintenance

One of the best perks to a copper metal roof is that it doesn’t require any maintenance. No washing, no painting, and no major repairs are necessary. You don’t even have to replace a panel when it becomes dinged from stones or other hard objects. That just adds to the natural look of the copper panel. Some wrinkling and creasing adds to the charm of its texture…much like the changes in coloration and patina that come with age. You don’t have to worry about weathering, you welcome it.

Copper Metal Roofing Services in New York and New Jersey

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